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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You Kinda Have to Watch It

Great video by Simon Sinek 

I don't mean to be dark, but if we think we have challenges now?????  We are currently sipping from a little cocktail straw. Twenty years from now we are going to be drinking from a fire hose. 

And stay with him. He is NOT bashing millennials. He is asking us to understand them. He is asking us to care.

Love to hear your thoughts.


Maren Schmidt said...

In only 15 minutes Simon Sinek outlines the problems we have with Millennials in the workplace, as well as offers a solution.

In the classroom, as Montessori leaders, we use the principle of meeting and teaching the child where the child is developmentally.

Why do we find it difficult to offer that same consideration to the adults in our school community, that is, our families and staff members?

We find ourselves frustrated by our perceptions when we assume a basic level of maturity and understanding in our school community members that they lack.

What characteristics do we see? As Sinek says in this video, we perceive a group of people who appear entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy.

What this Millennial generation lacks, through no fault of their own, is strong leadership.

Strong leadership. Our challenge is to provide that leadership to our adult community, as well as to the children in our schools.

As Montessori leaders, we are positioned to offer our adult communities a vision of human development, not just through childhood, but throughout one’s life.

We know how to look at the child through the lens of the four planes of development.

Let’s help the adults in our community see themselves as active participants on this continuum of development.

Let’s teach adults that they have control of their lives through the choices they make each and every day.

We know the steps we have to take to remove obstacles to development:
• Observe the child at work.
• Ask questions for understanding.
• Listen for the answers.
• Define the difficulties we see.
• Analyze difficulties for skills needed to overcome the obstacle.
• Teach the skill.

The world needs our Montessori guidance and leadership more than ever.

I believe that using Montessori teaching and learning principles with clarity and compassion changes the world, one person at a time.

I challenge you to use and teach the following Montessori principles, and more, to the adults in your life:
• Freedom within limits of responsibility
• The power of the prepared environment
• Teacher as link between the person and the environment
• Freedom of choice
• The development of responsibility
• The whole to the parts
• The concrete to the abstract
• Isolation of difficulty
• Indirect preparation
• Techniques that lead to mental and physical independence
• Understanding human tendencies and needs
• Observation

In the words of Dr. Montessori:

We serve the future by protecting the present. The more fully the needs of one period are met, the greater will be the success in the next.

The Absorbent Mind, page 177

Anonymous said...

As one who believes that the "everybody wins" concept in children's sports does more damage than good, I found this video to be outstanding and most illuminating. It's one thing to protect a child from unreasonable harm and another thing to protect them from the entire world. It's refreshing to hear someone with such great insight explain why young people are experiencing such discontent. This video should be a prerequisite for all young parents and corporations as well.