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Monday, May 13, 2013

Article for Parents and Schools: Gateway Parenting

Written by Head of School and MTIPS director, Wendy Calise, this article addresses the pitfalls of overprotective and over-involved parenting.

...How does that happen? How does a parent get to that point? I can assure you that we would not find among even the most hardened enablers a parent who would believe that he will be the one fifteen years from now to call a college professor. But some of you will. Because once you start doing for your children what they can do for themselves, there is a tragic feedback loop which receives from and expresses to both parties, parent and child. The less your child does for himself, the less you think he is able to do. The less you think he is able to do, the less he thinks he is able to do. The less he thinks he is able, the more convincing he becomes to you that he is not. I am feeling anxious just writing about it...

Click here to download article: Gateway Parenting 

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